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Sophisticated design, rugged construction

We designed the Sidewalk Buttler to take a beating but still stand tall. Our all-aluminum construction ensures years of corrosion-free performance. Riveted construction and a powder-coated surface make a secure platform for your message and helps to protect your investment. At home on a beachfront, a busy sidewalk or park, Sidewalk Buttler gets the job done in any weather or location.

20-year warranty
No-cost recycling courtesy of TerraCycle
Made from North American aluminum
Customized labels and messaging
Quick, touch-free emptying
Weather, rust and fireproof
Made in Maine
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Cigarette waste

A bigger issue than you may think

Cigarette waste makes up more than one-third of all collected litter and clean-up efforts are extremely costly.
Littered cigarette butts leach toxic chemicals into the environment and can end up contaminating our waterways and ocean.
Every year in the United States, cigarette-related fires are the number one cause of fire-related deaths.
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Built to last

A simple, elegant solution

Sidewalk Buttler was designed to be easily mounted to poles and posts and to provide simple, touch-free servicing. Over the past six years, we’ve field tested over 50 different designs in our quest for the perfect, elegant solution. Our customers wanted the units to be sturdy, rust-proof and secure, not only from “harvesting” but from the weather as well. We designed a clever locking system that keeps the inner collection cylinder secure and shows would-be harvesters that the unit is locked.

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The reviews are in

Sidewalk Buttler is a hit!