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New Year | New Resolve

As we prepare to wrap up 2019, Mike and I are feeling grateful for all of our allies in the movement to eliminate cigarette butt litter from our environment. Every one of our wonderful customers is passionate about a healthy planet. Clients and partners from across the country give us great ideas that help us be more effective in the fight against cigarette litter, so we’d like to spread some good cheer for this holiday season and beyond.

First, we give a big shout outs to two important allies in litter cleanup and prevention: Keep America Beautiful and TerraCycle.

For over fifty years, Keep America Beautiful been working to beautify America. They not only distribute our Sidewalk Buttlers, they also do a fantastic job of educating the public about environmental stewardship. I routinely share KAB’s cigarette litter statistics with municipalities and advocacy groups to provide strategic information. We are very proud to partner with this venerable American organization, one as dedicated as we are to solving the problem of toxic litter.

Since its beginnings in 2001, TerraCycle “has grown into the global leader in collecting and repurposing hard-to-recycle waste,” including cigarette butt litter. And this incredible service is available to any organization who sponsors our Buttlers, so please consider signing up with TerraCycle. Becoming a member of their Green Brigade allows you to download FREE UPS shipping labels for the collected butts. What a great deal. As we head into a new year, we want to take this opportunity to commend TerraCycle for their innovative solutions to the global litter problem. Go TerraCycle!

“What motivates me regarding dealing with cigarette butts is to protect our wildlife and keep our rivers and therefore our oceans clean.”

And now some love for The Volunteers

Keep Rabun Beautiful focuses on educating the public about toxic litter. Whether through social media, local newspapers and broadcasts, or the signage on their Stand-Up Buttlers, KRB is in it to win it. They placed their Stand-Up Buttlers strategically to most effectively prevent butts from going into their three beautiful lakes. They also distribute pocket and car ashtrays. They’re really covering all their bases. Most importantly, all of these combined efforts are working: people are using the Buttlers. While it’s true that one of the main issues communities face is emptying the canisters, in Rabun, locals have stepped up to volunteer. They demonstrate the true spirit of community.

“Putting Sidewalk Buttlers around our city gives smokers a greater opportunity todo the right thing by disposing of their butts properly. My amazing Trash Tramp litter collection group empties the Buttlers on a regular basis. Thank you for creating this wonderful product!” — Anne Ferguson, Montpelier, VT

The folks of Keep Roswell Beautiful have distributed our original Buttlers in front of high density cigarette litter areas, like the fronts and backs of restaurants and bars. Roswell is steeped in history, culture and the natural beauty of that warm Georgia environment. The director of this KAB affiliate reports that local businesses and citizens are eager to help keep their historic city beautiful and free of litter. All of our Buttlers are affixed to city street lights along pedestrian pathways, and again, we’re told that smokers are consistently using them. Signs makes it easy for smokers to identify the Buttlers and the organization also provides education through brochures, social media and litter pickup community events.

“And look at what they did to publicize the town about our Buttlers. They built a six-foot high model and pulled it through the city streets!” — Anne Ferguson

Inroads at home in ME

Our friends down at Old Orchard Beach, Maine are putting Buttlers at every beach entrance and exit, and all along main street pedestrian pathways in a major push to clean up cigarette litter in this popular beach town. Our OOB contact, Helene, is a guiding light for this community, volunteering her time to the city in a variety of capacities. This is a woman on fire when it comes to cigarette litter prevention (pardon the pun). She invited Nan to speak at a city council session after the 200 Buttlers were delivered. We could not be more thrilled with her success involving the city in litter collection. They plan to utilize all media channels to educate residents about Buttler locations. We especially love knowing that our Buttlers are hard at work here in our home state.

We could go on and on about the passion and ingenuity of our customers across the country, in Puerto Rico and Canada, but in the interest of brevity, we'll just wish you and yours a wonderful, safe, and litter-free holiday season. Thank you for choosing us to help you keep your community clean and green. And let’s keep the momentum going in 2020!


Nan and Mike

No More Butts Photo Credit: Wildlife by Yuri

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