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Mike and I are thrilled to announce we have been awarded the Keep America Beautiful Cigarette Litter Prevention Program (KAB CLPP) contract again this year. Our production to fulfill this award coincides with the additional grants to be awarded to KAB affiliates. We look forward to producing Buttlers for both programs.

After our investment in tools and machinery last year, we can now cut, machine and powder coat all Buttler components in-house. Truly a step forward. We can now cut slots on the back of the Buttler to allow a straight pass-through of the strapping for pole-mounting.

Additionally, the “Buttler mouth” has been re-designed from a circle to a Delta, in homage to the universal recycling symbol and as a subtle hint to users. Buttler your butts, please!

Our newer model, the Stand-Up Buttler, has also evolved thanks to some feedback from our early adopters. We appreciate these important insights from the field, and we’re definitely listening and re-designing based on your comments. One such modification is that our Stand-up Buttler can now be more easily emptied by simply un-screwing and removing its cap. Attached to the cap by a metal lanyard, the cylinder now lifts cleanly up and out of the Buttler outer housing. This reinforces our cigarette butt “touch-free” methodology of servicing.

Watch this demo & see how easy it is!

Let’s all give a shout out to our pup Happy on her first on-screen role!

Mike always says he has no ego when it comes to Buttler design and we are eager to hear from you, our customers — and take recommendations for improvements. With the “soft tooling” capabilities of our new CNC machine, modifications are generally only a few key strokes away.

We can’t wait to distribute more Buttlers through KAB’s CLPP, and via other organizations like Surfrider and TerraCycle.

We look forward to filling your orders and helping you keep your communities clean and green. Till next time, stay safe and stay well!

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