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Nan and Mike answering questions from the Launchpad judges!

Last week, Mike and I had the opportunity to pitch Sidewalk Buttler as one of five Gorham Savings Bank LaunchPad finalists. It was an exciting occasion and although we didn’t win, we’re thrilled to have been able to participate in this exciting local event.

What we learned is that Maine is alive with ingenuity, entrepreneurship and problem-solving such as:

CourseStorm provides simple online tools for class registration that help educational organizations save time and money while increasing enrollments.

Go Lab is introducing a nontoxic, renewable wood fiber insulation that costs the same and performs better than all commercially available insulations.

Maine Vintage Kitchen makes small batch Maine potato chips that transport boomers with nostalgia, wow millennials with flavor and impress chefs with technical proficiency.

Casco Bay Creamery provides creamy, delicious butter and cream cheese to customers who want to make every time they break bread a joyful occasion.

And us, Sidewalk Buttler, the leading smart cigarette litter receptacle to remove, reduce and recycle toxic cigarette waste.

We are honored to be part of this group and thrilled to be able to present our newest Buttler designs: The Stand-up Buttler and The Billboard Buttler.

The all-new Billboard Buttler

We developed the Stand-up and Billboard Buttler to allow responsible businesses to collect and recycle cigarette waste that is deposited in front of their storefronts. Additionally they are able to show their commitment and partnership with Keep America Beautiful and TerraCycle as stewards of the environment we all share. The Billboard Buttler can change out its messaging as desired.

Congratulations to Casco Bay Creamery who won the big prize for a job well done. We are wishing all the participants the best of luck growing their innovative and creative businesses in the years to come. Bravo!

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