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As the snow recedes and warmer weather returns, the scourge of cigarette litter is unveiled across cities and towns. So, now is the perfect time to step outside — while maintaining social distancing — and assess where cigarette litter has accumulated and identify locations where a Sidewalk Buttler can help eliminate it.

Ordinarily, butts get blown and washed away from sight into storm drains to eventually make their way into our water supply. But snow and ice melt reveals where litter accumulates, and the usual suspects are transition points like bus stops, doorways and other sorts of wind breaks, and sheltered gathering places.

Photo by Mike Roylos

Studies show smokers will responsibly discard of their butts when given the opportunity. This means having Sidewalk Buttlers spaced 30 feet apart along pedestrian pathways, with identifiable, customized messaging about their use.

To initiate a successful cigarette litter program, it’s vital that you alert the public about where Sidewalk Buttlers will be placed, what they look like, and why it’s so important that they use them. I frequently write press releases for communities to help with this messaging. I encourage you to use my example (below) for your own community. We’re here to help you keep your city or town clean and green!

#ButtlersInTheWild in Portland, Maine

Press Release Example

Sidewalk Buttlers are coming to town! You’ll be noticing these new cigarette litter canisters around town. (insert Buttler image) Sidewalk Buttlers enable smokers to responsibly discard their butts rather than toss or flick them onto the pavement. There are more than 12,000 Buttlers across the country and ( your town ) is the latest to implement this inexpensive, highly successful cigarette litter mitigation program. Sidewalk Buttlers collected over 160,000,000 butts last year. We’re joining the ranks to keep our sidewalks and waterways clean for the next generation!

For more information go to www.sidewalkbuttler.com.

Once your Buttlers are in place, it’s time for an on-site spot on your local TV station and a public interest piece in your local paper.

Did you know the first year cost of butt collection is $0.006 cents per butt and over the life of the Buttler (20 years) it drops to $0.0003 cents.  This is based upon each Buttler’s collection of 600 butts bi-weekly or 43 butts per day.

So what are you waiting for? Our new Buttler model, the Stand-up Buttler, and the improved version of our original Buttler are now available.

Our mission is to help you help your community stamp out cigarette litter. Contact me or Mike with your questions any time.

And, as always, we encourage our customers to recycle their collected butts with TerraCycle.  Learn more about The Solution.

Let’s all work to flatten the curve on litter!

Till next month, stay well,


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