Sidewalk Buttler Graphics Templates & Guidelines

Please consider these standard style guidelines/tips when creating your graphics:

-The supported template files that we provide are for Adobe inDesign CC – they are not backwards compatible at this time. Color mode should be set to CMYK for any custom graphics – or if you are making your own file to insure color consistency.

-All export options  on the provided template files are set to produce the intended size and dimensions with necessary crop/register marks. Simply choose File > Export > PDF and proceed to create a document at the the correct size that we need to make sure printing goes smoothly.

-Front panels have a 3×8″ finish size – the front panel template is already set up to give you a .125″ bleed on each side, thus yielding a document size of 3.125×8.125 if the bleed was included.

-The same logic applies to the side panels, which have a finish size of 3×11″. The size including the bleed would then be 3.125×11.125″ – which the template files account for.

-It is recommended that users simply change the background color on the template and place their graphics accordingly.

-Please note that we retain our own branding standards and the actual Sidewalk Buttler logo, which is standard on only the lower third of the front panel shall not be modified. Background colors can be altered, but the logo cannot.

-We reserve the right to have a final review on all provided graphics to make sure that images are high enough resolution to look good and stay within brand guidelines.

Please direct any further questions to

Thank you for your interest in the Sidewalk Buttler!