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Sidewalk Buttler is a hit!

Sidewalk Buttler’s 2nd Butt Dump – greater than 700,000 butts collected and recycled into railroad ties, pallets and industrial mulch by TeraCycle!
Early Sidewalk Buttler model – Portland Maine’s initial push to clean up the downtown.
Salem won the 2018 Massachusetts Municipal Association Innovation Award for implementation of Sidewalk Buttlers!
Portland businesses take part in anti-cigarette butt campaign
Portland wants to kick a habit of tossing cigarette butts onto sidewalks and streets. Business leaders, city officials and environmental groups were slated get together Thursday to unveil a slew of “Sidewalk Buttlers” to give smokers a way to dispose of cigarette butts.
Municipalities Look to Reduce Toxic Waste by Recycling Cigarette Butts
Cigarette litter mars landscapes, beaches and sidewalks across the country, but municipalities are working to reduce the toxic waste plaguing America’s public places.
Portland promotes cigarette butt recycling to make downtown friendlier
PORTLAND. Maine — Mike Roylos is old enough to remember when offices, restaurants and other businesses featured strategically placed ashtrays. Though they were filthy and smelly, often holding a still-smoldering cigarette, they served a purpose.
‘Buttler’ created to solve city’s cigarette problem
PORTLAND, Maine — A Portland business owner has come up with a plan to address cigarette butt littering in the city.
Introducing the “Sidewalk Buttler”
While strolling around Salem, MA, Emily Wieja, a member of the Cambridge Citizens for Smokers’ Rights political action group, came across a nifty public ashtray for the disposal of cigarette butts called, the Sidewalk Buttler.
Four months later, Portland’s unique ‘Buttlers’ have collected 300,000 cigarettes
PORTLAND, Maine — Less than five months ago, Portland restaurateur Mike Roylos announced he would post more than 70 of his innovative cylindrical “Sidewalk Buttler” cigarette receptacles around the downtown.
Maine Communities with a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program
Portland, ME – a success story! Portland’s “Sidewalk Buttler” program is the product of an innovative local business owner, Mike Roylos, who was tired of seeing cigarette butt litter at his storefront.
“The City of Portland installed about 100 Sidewalk Buttlers in November 2014, and I am pleased to report that we have had zero public safety incidents as a result. In fact, we have seen a decrease in trashcan fires and mulch fires around trees ... We would recommend this program to other cities and towns.”

Ethan K. Strimling, Mayor, City of Portland

“Protecting the health, safety and welfare of our residents, as well as business owners, employees, and patrons, is paramount to a thriving commercial corridor. The installation of Sidewalk Buttlers provides a necessary tool to prevent cigarette litter and debris, while giving  us the convenient ability to remove, and recycle, ash and cigarettes. We are thrilled with our progress, and look forward to adding more throughout our community.”

Marc D. Collazzo, J.D., Executive Director, Mayfair Business Improvement District (BID)

“What motivates me regarding dealing with cigarette butts is to protect our wildlife and keep our rivers and therefore our oceans clean. Putting Sidewalk Buttlers around our city gives smokers a greater opportunity to do the right thing by disposing of their butts properly. My amazing Trash Tramp litter collection group empties the Buttlers on a regular basis. Thank you for creating this wonderful product!”

Anne Ferguson, Trash Tramps of Montpelier

“Since our first acquisition and installation, we now have 95 Sidewalk Buttlers installed (and have collected close to 500 lbs. of discarded butts!), all of which are serviced by our volunteers. They are secured by a variety of locking mechanisms and are extremely safe and easy to empty, with virtually zero contact with the contents.”

Dick Brightman, Executive Director, Keep New Hanover Beautiful

“The Buttlers have been invaluable for our community. We find that people really do use them. Sidewalk Buttlers provide a much-needed service for those who smoke. They keep tobacco and filters out of our ecosystem. We are so grateful for this product and have found them to be so useful that we’re ordering more for our city.”

Anne Watson, Mayor, Montpelier, Vermont