The Sidewalk Buttler™ is a cigarette butt receptacle offered as a solution  to cigarette waste. We make it easy for communities and businesses to keep butts off the ground and out of the water by providing an alternative disposal system. Cigarettes butts are not just disposed of in a landfill either, they are upcycled into other products including park benches and sunglasses. Download our FAQ sheet by clicking here.

Wait a minute, cigarette butts can be recycled?

This video from National Geographic details the process that all Sidewalk Buttler™ cigarette waste goes through once they arrive at their final recycling destination

All receptacles come equipped with an RFID chip that is used with our custom Android mobile application. Collectors use this system to verify date and time of collection and keep track of collection totals.

So, why Sidewalk Buttler™?

        • Sponsor a proven green and sustainable pollution control program

        • Provide local people with good jobs

        • Show quantitative results on your investment and are able to track your contribution to pollution reduction on your website

        • Show your support for cleaning things up with your logo or sponsorship message displayed on your Sidewalk Buttlers

The details.

      • Attaches easily to existing poles or posts
      • Buttlers hold approximately 700 butts and average a biweekly collection
      • Does not occupy sidewalk real estate
      • Does not impede street cleaning and sweeping, plowing or shoveling
      • Is weather, fire, and rust proof
      • The Buttlers are designed for no-touch emptying and recycling
      • Empty one in approximately 7 seconds!
        (Empty them into a plastic bag, put the filled bag into a box and seal it
      • Download a FREE UPS shipping tag and call for a pick-up –  it is that easy to do your part and get the butts in transit to be recycled
      • TerraCycle will recycle 100% of the butts. Filters turn into plastic pellets and the organic materials are composted

Interested in making a difference in your community and helping to keep tobacco waste out of our waterways? We would love to answer any questions that you may have.