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Buttlers in action

Hard at work across the country

Our Buttlers are in use around the country and our partners are helping in the battle against cigarette waste every day. In addition to promoting the collection and recycling of cigarette butts, Sidewalk Buttler provides a dynamic messaging platform for our sponsors. Just having a pictogram of a smoking cigarette isn’t good enough. We provide full-color custom graphics that highlight your involvement in keeping the environment cleaner. If you’re interested in our program, please contact us now.


Custom messaging & branding

All of our Buttlers can be labeled and branded at no extra charge at time of manufacture. Add your logo or custom message to your Buttler as shown here. Create your own design or choose from a number of available templates. (Minimum order of 12 for custom labels.)
Replacement labels for units can be ordered by e-mailing mike@sidewalkbuttler.com.
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Buttlers in the wild