Nan McLaughlin


Nan McLaughlin retired from a 43-year nursing career in July of 2018.  Her diverse nursing background spans hospice to acute care, however her primary focus has always been prevention.  Her focus continues to be prevention just on a more global concern: Planet Earth.

As President and Owner of Sidewalk Buttler, Nan provides leadership in office management, and sales and marketing. She writes our monthly blog and newsletter and welcomes opportunities to speak to municipalities and civic groups on the effects of toxic cigarette litter on our environment.

Nan is a joyous grandmother whose passion is to help provide a healthy environment for generations to come.

Photo credit: Reggie Burrows Hodges

    Mike Roylos


    The Sidewalk Buttler™ is the brainchild of local businessman Mike Roylos who was tired of seeing cigarette butts on the ground outside his local restaurant in Portland, Maine.

    Instead of whining about a problem, he created a solution in his free time. What emerged was the Sidewalk Buttler™, the world’s first “smart receptacle” for tobacco waste. Collected butts are not only 100% recycled, but all units have the ability to actually track waste disposal totals. Since the installation of the first one in Portland in 2013, the Sidewalk Buttler™ cigarette recycling program has kept more than 400,000 butts off the streets and prevented over 1.6 billion toxins from getting into our soil and water.

    Photo credit Kelley Bouchard