Mike Roylos


    The Sidewalk Buttler is the brainchild of local businessman Mike Roylos who was tired of seeing cigarette butts on the ground outside his local restaurant in Portland, Maine.

    Instead of whining about a problem, he created a solution in his free time. What emerged was the Sidewalk Buttler, the world’s first “smart receptacle” for tobacco waste. Collected butts are not only 100% recycled, but all units have the ability to actually track waste disposal totals. Since the installation of the first one in Portland in 2013, the Sidewalk Buttler cigarette recycling program has kept more than 400,000 butts off the streets and prevented over 1.6 billion toxins from getting into our soil and water.

    Photo credit Kelley Bouchard

      Jared Bowns

      Lead Software Developer

      Jared Bowns currently leads all technology initiatives for Sidewalk Buttler and their cigarette recycling program. With a background in system architecture and front-end development, he brings a wide array of expertise to the team.

      As a serial entrepreneur, Jared enjoys the creative process and rewarding work involved with building companies. He sees working on Sidewalk Buttler and its parent company, UrbanCare as an opportunity to build a fundamentally strong business while also helping to bring positive change to metropolitan environments.