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Built to last, no shortcuts taken

Made from 1/8-inch thick North American aluminum, our Buttlers are solid and strong from top to bottom. Each unit is powder coated to provide a resilient surface that can withstand even the harshest weather and smoker abuse. Unlike some of the cheaper plastic models on the market, our Buttlers are built to last. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that their investment will be around for years to come. Plus, we offer an unconditional 20-year warranty in the unlikely event that a unit should ever break.

Quick facts:
20-year warranty
Made from North American aluminum
Quick, touch-free emptying
Weather, rust and fireproof
No-cost recycling courtesy of TerraCycle
Customized labels and messaging
Manufactured in Maine
Not just a pretty face

Key features of the Buttler


There are no holes in the roof! The units repel the rain with a solid cap that doubles as a drip edge to protect the side-mounted hole for the butts. Any moisture that enters has an easy path to drain on the inside of the double-walled container.


Sadly, security is an issue with cigarette butt collection. The Buttler comes with a keyed alike Master Padlock that prevents the removal of the container inside.

Easy to mount

Engineered fastening openings on the back of the unit accepts bolts and straps. Keeping the unit tight to the pole or post is the result. We don’t hang out in the pedestrian’s space, or provide leverage points to assist vandals.

7-second touch-free servicing

Service personnel do not touch the butts while emptying. No digging out of wet or frozen butts with a stick or dragging around a smelly five-gallon pail. A plastic bag is all that’s needed for collection and doubles as a shipping liner inside the Terracycle recycling box.

Custom messaging & branding

All of our Buttlers can be labeled and branded with your logo or a custom message at no extra charge at time of manufacture. Create your own design or choose from a number of available templates.
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A Stand-up guy

The all-new Stand-Up Buttler

The same great features as the original model that started it all, but free-standing. Support your clean-up efforts anywhere! Keep your butts securely inside with a simple locking method. No harvesting! Protect your investment by securing to the ground or use the security port (included) to attach your lanyard or chain to a fixed object. Holds upwards of 1,800 butts for reduced maintenance cycles in high-traffic areas. Powder-coated steel base holds 40-inch tall Stand-Up Buttler in any weather, anywhere.

Small footprint, big capacity

Our Stand-Up Buttler is designed for the rigors of your storefront. Only 1-foot squared at the base but holds over 1,800 cigarette butts in an attractive and mess-free fireproof container. Pair this with our original Sidewalk Buttlers installed on your preexisting poles & posts to provide complete Due Diligence of Fire Prevention Safety.

Simple security

For the Stand-Up Buttler, we use a special stainless steel locking bolt which is tamper-resistant. This locking mechanism keeps butts securely inside until recycled or disposed of.
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What competition?

Why our product is superior

Over 13,000 Sidewalk Buttlers out on the streets have proven to be vandal-proof/harvest-proof.
We look great – 100% powder-coated aluminum, which stands up to time, weather, rust and use.
You get your customized message to the public on every Buttler purchased.
Our Buttlers are a breeze to empty and the butts stay dry, which makes recycling so much easier!

Our competition? Well, they don’t usually fare as well...

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